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Mission & Vision

Mission: The South East Education Cooperative is a collaborative organization that strives to enhance education in ND through quality services and visionary leadership.

Vision: SEECing solutions to provide value to our stakeholders and their communities through learning, collaboration, and innovation.


Passion to:

Serve - Taking a personal interest in stakeholders, creating a pleasant atmosphere for interaction, and taking appropriate action to meet their needs.

Collaborate - Actively seeking internal and external stakeholder feedback and input to progress work, set priorities, and accomplish goals.

Learn - Growing in knowledge and skills to seek understanding and make connections.

Adapt - Demonstrating ability to adjust to new and changing conditions while still advancing organizational goals and objectives.

Innovate - Taking bold risks to create effective solutions.

Advance - Leveraging continuous improvement o move forward with purpose.


In 2005, the North Dakota Legislature appropriated one million dollars toward the formation of Regional Education Associations (REAs). Originally created to provide an infrastructure to save money through more collaboration amongst regional schools, REAs have expanded those services to support schools in areas such as technology, grant writing and expanded opportunities in professional development. Assisting schools in reaching their goals for student achievement has become central to their mission.