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Governing Board

The SEEC Governing Board is the policy-making body for the South East Education Cooperative. The role of a governing board member is two-fold: To the agency as a whole and To the members served by the agency


  1. Determine the long-range direction of the SEEC
  2. Develop and review policies that direct SEEC services and programs
  3. Appraisal and evaluation of SEEC Executive Director


  1. Represent and communicate with your respective SEEC region
  2. Bring any concerns, ideas, etc. from your region to the attention of the SEEC Governing Board
  3. Attend at least four SEEC Governing Board meetings each school year


Administrators from SEEC member districts come together approximately five times a year to receive updates on the organization and its programs and services. These meetings also provide valued discussions about the direction of the organization and other education topics, issues, concerns both statewide and nationally.


SEEC facilitates Principal meetings 5-6 times each school year to provide Leadership for Learning activities; Networking with other SEEC Principals; a space to give feedback to SEEC Leadership and Staff regarding school needs; opportunity to learn more about SEEC Professional Learning Opportunities, Programs and Services.

During this time not only do they receive updates on current and upcoming programming available to their schools, but are also engaged in discussion on best practices, are able to ask other districts how they’re handling certain standards, requirements, technology… you name it! This group really serves as a Principal PLC (Professional Learning Community) that evolves with what needs/wants those present decide.

Program Advisory Committee

This committee is a cross-stakeholder group of superintendents, assistant/associate superintendents, curriculum directors, secondary principals, elementary principals, SEEC directors and SEEC staff. In addition, members represent the diversity of school sizes and geographic distribution across our region.

The SEEC Program Advisory Committee's function is as follows:
  • Development and oversight of the SEEC's Strategic Plan Initiative 1: Professional Learning, Programs and Services.
  • Serves as the SEEC Data Team.
  • Provides guidance and feedback related to professional learning activities.
  • Serves as a barrier-busting group and works collaboratively to create innovative solutions.
  • Provides leadership and represents the committee's work to other SEEC Principal and Administrator groups.