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Science of Reading

The SEEC’s belief in evidence-based research to inform and guide its work is very apparent when it comes to the Science of Reading (SoR). This page serves as a place to understand and build your knowledge base around SoR and how the SEEC is applying regarding professional development available to schools.

Literacy gives a person the ability to navigate the world with dignity. The ability to read, write, and comprehend is critical to taking control of our own lives and advocating for ourselves, for our families, and for our communities. When people aren’t equipped with those skills, they’re left with limited options in life.

New technologies, such as fMRI brain scans, help us understand the science of how the brain learns to read and the instructional practices to support that learning. This emerging research is referred to as “the science of reading” (SOR). SOR offers educators, students, and families in North Dakota hope that 95% of students can read proficiently by the end of the decade.

We aim to increase the use of evidence-based methods in our state, so every student becomes a skilled and confident reader.

  • Gain Knowledge about the science of reading.
  • Build Your Skills through on-going professional development in the science of reading.